Hiking on the river shores of the Aare

To go on a pleasurable hike you do not have to go far, when staying at the Bellevue Palace. Right in downtown Bern at one of the city’s main attractions, you may start your journey. The bear park is the kick off point to your urban hike out into the surrounding nature. Take the path along the Aare river shore from the bear park all the way to Münsingen, where you have the option of taking the train to return to the capital city. The track will be relatively flat and approximately 17 kilometers long.

First you will walk past the bear park to the river shore, where you soon have a great view to the Federal Palace and the Bellevue Palace. Soon you will cross the public areas of the Dählhölzli Zoo, where you will be spotting several types of water birds, beavers, chamois and buffalos. Keep on walking and you will reach the Elfenau nature reserve. There you will experience crystal clear creeks and beautiful meadows. If you ever would like to change the side of the river you may do so at the Bodenacher ferry or at the wooden covered Auguet bridge from the year 1832.