It’s that time again and NOUMI is proud to present another of its friends.

Embrace the new, discover other worlds and immerse yourself in the experience!

…that the old town of Bern is an UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site? Since 1983 it has its place on the UNESCO list, which only includes cultural and natural sites of international significance.

This is not only a highlight for children. Adults as well are amazed when the Christmas season starts again at the Bellevue Palace?

…. that for the official state dinner of the Russian President Dimitri Medwedew, a table cloth of 27 meters length has been especially tailored to be large enough for this banquet table?

…that 140 employees from 27 different nationalities are working to create the best guest experience possible at the Bellevue Palace?

The gin bar at the Bellevue Palace offers a selection of 99 different gins. Isn’t that a great excuse to try something a little different? Why not pairing a selected gin with a light dinner instead of just doing cocktails.

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